Battle plan for the winter

First of all and in order to dissipate any misunderstanding that may be involved by the reading of this otherwise fine and informative blog post, I would like to specify that my mind is not made up yet about the Deutsche Bahn, but should be soon. I will have the pleasure to be working at the Stuttgart Research Center for Text Studies this winter and will then be given plenty of opportunities to let you know what I think of the Berlin-Stuttgart connection and especially how rail compares to flight.  Continue reading “Battle plan for the winter”

The Network, the Cross, and Ariadne’s Thread

I have begun to think about both my paper for the Hanover conference and my class of the coming winter that will deal with historical networks. The idea in both cases is to see how digitally-generated network visualizations applied to historical data are developing and especially how they implement theoretical network theory. In order to do so, I have to get more familiar with said network theory as well as with network visualization. One big step will of course be the Historical Network Conference in Ghent in three weeks.

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Yet another batch of small improvements

This is abysmal. I was actually glad to present the new little improvements we introduced to Letters and texts this week and now it seems like the only thing I can see is all that has not been done yet. Sorry about that, I will proceed with it next week when the 2 volumes that are (to my despair) not yet in print will actually stop haunting my desk.

The few neat novelties are: Continue reading “Yet another batch of small improvements”

Waiting for the tooth fairy

While I expected to come back online today with a rush of energy, to joyfully move on to the next steps, I have to admit that a) the blogging abstention in July did not even suffice for me to deliver all that I wanted to finish before my vacation and b) having lost half a tooth in a bike accident during said vacation gives me mostly a feeling of o-my-God-how-am-I-going-to-manage-all-this-with-such-a-headache.

While waiting for the tooth fairy, I have still a few great moments to look back on and others to look forward to – which lightens up the headache, somehow. Continue reading “Waiting for the tooth fairy”