Monthly Archive: September 2014


Conference Truisms

Upon my return from the Historical Network Research Conference in Ghent, I am still meditating on a few remarks and observations. They fit fine in the underused “aphorism” category of this blog. Those with quotation marks are actual quotes, all by different persons in different contexts (i.e. not to be read as a connected series, but as a selection of sentences, each in their own right).


Fathoming one’s father

In the letters by Dorothea Tieck recently edited by Sophia Zeil in Letters and texts, there is one that illustrates to the perfection the censorship phenomena typical of letter editions in the 19th century. What is today considered as the first page of the letter begins in the middle of a sentence and was obviously originally not the first page of the letter. Also, it is crossed over in pencil. If you look for it in the existing print edition  (all the bibliographical references are to be found in our edition, see the footnotes), you will see that this passage is...


Off to the new world!

One of my team members, Sabine Seifert, has been awarded a travel grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in order to attend the next TEI conference “Decoding the Encoded” that will take place at Northwestern University in October. She will present the progress that was made (after long hours of debates by mail, skype or live) with the 2 other members of the SIG-correspondence Task Force, Peter Stadler and Marcel Illetschko. Here’s what the paper is all about (text of the abstract submitted by the three of them):