Monthly Archive: October 2014


Teaching teachings

I am teaching DH this term, which is quite exciting. Since it is a temporary job with no dedicated classes or modules constraining me into specific themes, I was creative when it came to suggesting topics. As it turns out, the four classes that I am giving and the way...


Historical Network Research Conference 2014: a summary and a small selection of projects

Together with Carolin Hahn and Emmanuelle Chaze, I recently published a review of the Historical Network Research Conference 2014, but it only deals with the workshops and keynotes. What is more, it is in German, which limits its impact, especially considering the fact that the whole conference was held in English....


Writing with two hands

When you have to finalize and deliver papers only to see them fall into a black whole for months, if not years, once they are in the hands of the editors, you should be thinking of those moments when the harvesting suddenly drops on you for no apparent reason. This...

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