Monthly Archive: November 2014


Speak up, not loud

My weeks of silence due to an inflammation of the vocal chords – and the newly published research on loudness in novels – led me to think about scholarly loudness. What makes you hear a researcher more than another? There are a few persons who manage to publish so often that it feels like you cannot escape their publications, and by that, their discourse. At the Gent Conference on Historical Network Research, a presentation also showed the omnipresence of a few professors at a wide range of conferences: being invited to every major conference is obviously also a way of...


Report on the first Forum on Digital Archives and Cultural Memory (Nov. 10th, 2014)

A guest post by Emmanuelle Chaze This first forum on Digital Archives and Cultural Memory coordinated[1] by the Institut Français and the French Embassy in Germany gathered together speakers from different backgrounds in an interdisciplinary and intercultural bid to understand the challenges encountered by institutions and individuals towards digital archives.


Not enough text

For two years now, I have kept repeating “We don’t have enough text” (meaning in our digital edition). And it is true. There are a lot of things, especially the big-picturesque ones, that we still cannot look into seriously because we don’t have enough text for that.