Monthly Archive: January 2015


On text genesis, hot water and historical depth

While preparing my presentation for next Wednesday (which I announced under the emphatic title “The digital methods facing the challenge of text genesis”), I had to realize once more how difficult it is to think about text genesis in German the same way that I do in French or even in English. Even to me, it seems weird that the language in which I think seem to modify the questions themselves as well as their relevance. When I read definitions and analyzes written by the grey-haired popes of the discipline (as I did this morning), it all seems simple. This...


Auf einer Skala von 1 bis 10, so naja (#wbhyp)

Liebes hypotheses-Redaktionseam, wie gerne hätte ich bei der Blogparade mit einem begeisterten Beitrag meinen Senf dazu gegeben! Wie gerne hätte ich Euch geschrieben, wie das Bloggen meine Art zu forschen geändert hat, wie es die Last erträglich gemacht hat, ständig unter Leistungsdruck zu stehen, indem nicht auf die Summa gewartet werden musste, sondern jedes kleine Stück Denken für sich stehen durfte. Ich hätte Euch geschrieben, wie ich so zu neuen Kontakten und auf neue Ideen kommen konnte. Ich hätte Euch sogar geschrieben, dass meine Habilitation faktisch da ist, in der Summe meiner Blogbeiträge der letzten drei Jahre (um die 300...


What 2015 will be made of

So now it is here, the fatal year in which my project funding will definitely end. Since my last postings, nothing has changed to the fact that I have no stable perspective for the time after (somebody should really tell the German Research Foundation that Junior Research Group Leadership is not considered an equivalent to the second book by hiring committees, at least in the fields I work in). Still, there is more or less one year of funding left, at least for me, and I intend to make the best out of it.