Monthly Archive: March 2015


Ad fontes!

I had intended to blog over the week, but it turned out that changing places every other day was too exhausting – the fact that the events I attended, although lasting only one day each, included a lot of presentations on very different topics, certainly did contribute to that as well. 


Re-assembling the dis-assembled

After spending some time preparing this maximum carbon imprint week (sigh), I am have now come into the delight of actually experiencing – and enjoying – it. The first stage of this trip is in Oxford, the second one will be in Cologne and the last one in Toulouse. The sun was shining gloriously when I got off the shuttle in Oxford yesterday, a Sunday morning in which I expected empty, grey streets, but was instead greeted by brunchers, sunbeams and pink blooming trees.


Publish and perish

Over the last year and a half, I have given a lot of papers. Taken as a whole, they show how my thoughts on such topics as data architecture, network visualization, digital edition, intellectual history and history of literature evolved and structured. I initially thought I would pack them together by bunches of two or three, thematically related, re-shape them and submit them to journals. One of my two attempts to do so was rewarded by a “you will surely find a good online publication platform to publish this, it does not really fit here”. And so the papers stayed...


Rilke, or: ice-bucketting my digital edition class

This week and next week, I am undertaking the final trips to the University where I held my locum professorship this past term (I shouldn’t write “past” considering the amount of grading I still have ahead of me until the 31st). Today, I gave a presentation together with two students, based on what was done in one class; tomorrow, two students from another class will present their results to me and next week, I will present even more results from this class at a workshop. In the meantime, my other students are finishing their last term papers in the form of blog posts...


Through digital reality – part two

(This is a follow-up of the post I published yesterday, trying to take stock of the yearly conference of the association “DH in the German-speaking countries“) An L, two wings, flying off A particularly good surprise for me was the comparatively small amount of contributions dealing solely with constituting a corpus, and the greater amount of contributions addressing methodological questions and presenting analysis results. Again, I am not gifted with ubiquity, and this impression might result from me picking the “right” sessions for that.