Monthly Archive: May 2015


Writing elsewhere

Just as I’d hoped, I am spending a considerable amount of time reading. I knew this would prevent me from blogging for the time being. I am sure, though, that in the middle/long run, it will open up new perspectives for this blog. It seems that every day that passes makes me want to do nothing else but keep reading – forever. This won’t happen though. But I keep hoping for it.


Of writers and their publishers

As I mentioned in my last post, I am giving a class on writers and their publishers from the late 18th century until today. I will round up the chapter on the late 18th century tomorrow and then move to the first half of the 19th century: birth of the author, first copyright in Germany, and a more in-depth analysis of the work relationships between Goethe and Cotta. Further sessions will be devoted to the work of publishers like Samuel Fischer, Ernst Rowohlt, Siegfried Unseld  and their influence on the work of major authors. Further evolutions in copyright in the 19th...