Monthly Archive: November 2015


Turning a page

You all know the reason why I have been such a poor blogger recently. I have been trying to help on an organisational level with the wave of refugees that keeps coming in Berlin. It started with filling the truck of the car at IKEA’s a the end of July, continued with sorting clothes at the donation center and coming back home with a flea in August and


I shall not rest (after the Paris attacks, November 14th)

I am a very lucky person. If things go according to plan, I will be able to submit my habilitation in 2016. It turned out very recently that my research of the last 10 years is rich enough to be submitted as an habilitation à diriger des recherches in France. It even turned out that the one person I would like to have as the supervisor of a work that I wish to handle on a fairly theoretical level agrees to do so. And it also turns out that my articles suffice and I don’t have to reach in an additional unedited monograph.