Monthly Archive: January 2016


the 280th

This is the 280th post on this blog. Also, the pdf of our edition has 1437 pages (including those that are not finalized enough to be published yet), the class script I want to transform into a book 182. I came to count pages a lot lately. Time had come for final accounting, budget- and production-wise: in a few hours, the main raison d’être for this blog will be passé. The junior research group “Berlin intellectuals 1800-1830” will be no more. This afternoon, I reached in the final report.


That close

Only 9 days left until the official end of the project this blog is accompanying and I seem to have achieve at least one of the things that seemed impossible in the first five years of the funding (that is most of the project time), namely to be convincing when presenting my thesis and the results it leads to. It took five years, but it also takes an interdisciplinary audience to make the category “Berlin intellectuals around 1800” audible. What did it take to get there? 


A survey, a volume, a talk

Although the pleasure will be brief, I will savor it as I should: I will be at the Historical Institute in Paris next week to talk about epistemology of the Digital Humanities. Not only will I be in Paris, and what is more at the Historical Institute, and what is more to talk about DH: I will also exchange views with old friends (and presumably new ones as well). I will seize the opportunity to talk about my latest research.