Monthly Archive: February 2016


Intellectual genealogies – first draft of a model

Coming back from Vienna and a conference on poet and Shakespeare-translator Ludwig Tieck, I also sent my sole German paper on visualization of correspondences to the editor and am preparing to crash-write a paper on network visualization for the study of Henriette Herz (a follow-up to last summer’s conference, where Selma Jahnke gave the main paper under both our names). In the three cases, I emphasized the role of intellectual genealogies in the study of intellectual networks. Genealogies have the advantage of being a precisely definable category, one with which one can operate, be it in terms of visualization or for interpretation in...


Brand new (virtual) worlds

I started sorting my (currently 5) professional construction sites today in order to rationalize my work hours. I will be active in WP3 of the PARTHENOS project, also in WP2 of the IPERION project; I am managing editor of the Journal of the TEI, should get more involved in the editorial process of the DH Commons Journal (which I have had too little time for in the past years) and will be developing a model for a datajournal in the humanities. Also, I will keep developing my digital edition into a wider platform. Getting to sort all these trains  I am hopping on...