Monthly Archive: April 2020


Of sitting and standing

I have never liked, nor really been able to perform, hour-long sitting. Actually, if there is one thing I hated in school, it’s the sitting. Inevitably, your back aches, your belt hurts, you fall asleep, you can’t help but concentrate on a minor detail at the blackboard or in the...


Birthday here, birthday there

While it has been clear for a while that my daughter’s birthday (which is tomorrow), and most likely also mine (in 2 weeks) would be spent at home, it is still not obvious what the conditions for my husband’s will be (mid July). In the meantime, after making clear that...


Growing trees

While the garden is getting greener, it seems that we are going to be trapped in this situation for quite some time still. For the first time since the beginning of the lockdown, we plan on watching the presidential announcement on TV tonight, although I don’t expect much surprise there:...


One doorstopper later

Easter break at  last! The past four weeks feel like an eternity that would have passed by eerily quick. I remember, vaguely, the chaos of the first weeks. I remember realizing painfully it was almost impossible to find time for daily hours of work. There have been week-ends I spent...


Working through minor issues

While I worked on the creation of my XML tree model, I realized that some recurrent elements of the letters will be more difficult to encode, mainly because they are neither mentioned nor explained on the TEI Guidelines. While the guidelines contain many sections and cover a lot of different...

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