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On St John’s Day

There is writing and there is making readable. The difference between both is about the time that elapsed since my last post, in which I fine-tuned the main part of the habilitation document, added bibliographical references, wrote conclusion and introduction, added illustrations, etc. Last week, at long last, I could hand it over  to the institution where I hope to be able to defend it in December. The end of this effort left me surprised, ajar, almost taken aback. I spent a week wanting to walk and think and do nothing else (needless to say, there were things to do...


Laudatio ad “Manifesto Corpus” #dhpreis16

(dies ist der Text meiner Laudatio vom 7. Juni 2016, gehalten an der BBAW aus Anlass der Verleihung des Berliner Digital Humanities-Preises 2016) Meine sehr verehrten Damen und Herren, es ist mir ein großes Vergnügen, Ihnen dieses Jahr den Gewinner des 1. Berliner Digital Humanities-Preises vorstellen und ans Herz legen zu dürfen. Damit Sie die Entscheidung der Jury für das auserwählte Projekt verstehen, möchte ich Ihnen zunächst eine Frage stellen oder besser gesagt, Sie nach Ihrer Einschätzung fragen: Meinen es die Politikerinnen und Politiker wirklich ernst mit ihren Versprechungen? Machen Sie das, was sie angekündigt haben, tun zu wollen? Wissen...


Name it!

Letters and texts moved to Trier a while ago now. We feel very well taken care of in our new home. After getting everything to work and all, it was time to settle on a domain name – for good.


Possessing books

The current debate on Open Access often weirdly focuses on the question whether we want to give in to the poor ethics of people who want books to disappear. First, it is not true; second, most of OA partisans have a huge personal book collection and third, what is it about possessing books anyway? 


Migration: successful!

Our edition is now hosted by the Trier Center for Digital Humanities. The corpora have landed softly, the SVN is now operational (thanks to the technical team in Trier!) – in other words: we can get back to work on the edition. Boeckh and Euler are the ones who will be lucky enough to be enriched soon. I am working on finding the necessary funding to wrap up the Chamisso-de la Foye and the Raumer-Tieck correspondences quickly as well. No surprises so far. But some new features are in the making as well.